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Sisserou Mojito (serves 2)- Very refreshing! My favourite!

8 Mint, fresh leaves (rub to release flavour)

50ml Lime juice, fresh

150ml Coconut water (Vita Coco brand)

100ml Sisserou

1 heaped cup of ice cubes (or 1 cup crushed ice), plus more to serve

Fill the glass the ice. Add the liquid ingredients (Sisserou and coconut water first) and a few cubes of ice to the cocktail shaker. Tip the ice out of the glass and add the crushed ice. Shake the cocktail shaker well and strain into the glass.


Pina Sisserou (serves 2-4)

100ml Sisserou

100ml Coconut water

50ml Pineapple Juice (add more for a stronger pineapple taste)

First add the coconut water to Sisserou. Then add the pineapple juice.

 Add ice in a cocktail shaker

Serve chilled of with ice

Add freshly grated nutmeg for a different taste!!

 You can adjust the ingredients to your taste.

Adding the coconut water to Sisserou first keep it from curdling.