A delicious blend or rum coconut and cream

Over ice, in cocktails and coffee

A real taste of Dominica, produced in the UK

"I grew up on the tiny island of Dominica in the Caribbean (not to be confused with Dominican Republic!).  Fresh green coconut water was always one of my favourite drinks even as a young child.  As I grew older and discovered alcohol, I loved mixing rum with coconut!

At university in America my mum used to send me bottles and bottles of her homemade brew. I always thought it was the best recipe on the island.  My friends loved the drink and I was doing a business degree. My brain started ticking! If people love it so much why not sell it to them? Sisserou is based on my family's recipe from Dominica. It is a delicious blend of rum coconut and cream.

It's great on its own over ice, in coffee, cocktails and desserts The opportunity arose to produce it after I arrived in the UK."

Julia La Ronde - Founder Of Sisserou

Leona Fitch recommends Sisserou.

Came across this brand at a Xmas fair, lovely drink and haven’t stopped going on about how it taste amazing, so gland I’ve come across the page and found the website 😍🍸🍾🏝

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